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Property Title Search $115.95

In-Person records search of the official property title documents. We cover every county, every day.

* Includes Title Abstract Document

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Liens & Judgments:
List of recorded liens, tax certificates, and claims against the property.

50 Point Search Includes:

1. Deed copy
2. Official Property Legal description
3. Mortgage search
4. Mortgage Assignment search
5. Equity Loan Search
6. Tax payment search
7. Foreclosure search
8. Bankruptcy search
9. Civil court records search
10. Mechanics lien search
11. Judgment lien search
12. Tax lien search
13. Municipal services lien search
14. Child support lien search
15. Federal Tax Lien/Treasury lien search
16. County name index search
17. State tax search
18. Property easement search
19. Official Title abstract document
20. Default notice search
21. Spousal support lien search
22. Ownership structure
23. Municipal assessed value
24. Voluntary liens
25. Property APN number
26. Document book & page
27. Mortgage modification
28. Bail bond lien
29. Levy on property
30. Power of attorney

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Current title document prepared by professional title abstractor.


AFX, Real Estate Services, Dawsonville, GA

Expanded Full Property Title Search $159.95

Includes 50-point Title Search, plus:

Copy of all open documents:
Found for the current owner including Mortgage documents, lien copies, and easements with county recording stamps.

Comparable sales valuation:
Sales records of nearby similar properties recently sold, showing price, date, and square footage.

Fully abstracted property title search document, for attorneys, title companies, and investors.

Official title abstracts used by insurance companies, foreclosure investors and municipalities nationwide.

AFX Title's Credentials:
  • Founded in 1995
  • Over 1,000,000 documents searched nationwide
  • Certified Title Examiners
  • "A" rated with BBB
  • Board Member - NALTEA
  • Additional Credentials

Video Library:
400+ Videos - FAQ's, foreclosures, liens, mortgages, etc.

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Title Search Video Library

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2. How long does a title search take?
3. Foreclosure properties
4. Real estate title defects
5. Quit Claim Deeds
6. Property easements
7. Mineral rights
8. Elements of a recorded documents
9. Quiet Title Actions
10. Differences: Basic vs. Expanded search
11. Alternate Names, typos
12. How to learn property title searching
13. Commercial Property title search
14. Top 10 errors to avoid searching liens
15. Title searching co-op properties
16. How to perform a title search - 1/10/2013
17. What is a "clear title" on real estate?
18. Certified Real Estate Title Search
19. Strategies for investing in foreclosures
20. Insurance claim adjusting using title searches
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AFX LLC / has been providing official title abstracts to real estate professionals since 1995. Thousands of banks, attorneys, investors, and US Government agencies are current clients of In addition to providing property title reports for legal professionals we also provide the same official documents to individuals and investors. The accuracy of our title searches has resulted in AFX being called to provide expert witness testimony in Federal cases.more info...

Hoagland becomes NALTEA's 55th Certified Abstractor
Earlier this month Nancy Hoagland, one of AFX Title's Senior Title Examiners, gained the national recognition of becoming the National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors 55th Nationally Certified Title Abstractor. Hoagland becomes a member of an elite group of Title Abstractors that has successfully completed NALTEA's highly regimented training and certification program.

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Confidence in obtaining a genuine title search: Six ways to make sure you are getting a proper and correct title search you can rely on.

Obtaining a title search is an important aspect of doing due diligence on real estate. The holder of a title search is relying on the document to keep from becoming responsible for liens, mortgages, or deed fraud. When deciding on a source to provide you with this critical information, there are some basic steps to take to ensure that the firm you are working with is a legitimate source and provides genuine information.

An online website can offer reports claiming to be a ?title search,? but unless you know exactly how it is being produced, you may not be receiving a document which is an actual title, but could be a basic electronic property report with incorrect, outdated, or incomplete more...

Due diligence prior to foreclosure auction purchases: As more foreclosure properties are released from inventories, new opportunities exist for investors. At our investor clients are seeing increased volume of available deals and even higher margins on purchases.

However although foreclosures are priced much cheaper than retail/Realtor/MLS deals, they come with the responsibility to perform appropriate due diligence before bidding at auction or dealing with REO?s. This can include a proper title search, inspection of structure, and legal analysis of the purchase.

Not only will the due diligence reveal any remaining liens on the property, it will also show if the foreclosure is on a primary debt or subordinate instrument. If a bidder wins an auction but later discovers that the sale was for a second mortgage or other secondary lien, the property is still subject to priority recordings. In one recent case, a buyer purchased what turned out to be a homeowners association lien at auction, and was still subject to a first mortgage from Wells more...

What does a title search include?

You will receive a property title abstract report, which is the official document of a title search. This document shows the liens and mortgages found to be recorded while researching the property. When searching for property information it is important to be sure that you receive a title abstract, not just a property deed. The deed by itself will not contain liens or mortgages. A title representative will review your title search with you personally, in the event that you have any questions.

All of our full property title searches include:

  • Mortgages
  • Property liens
  • Tax liens
  • Contractor liens
  • Tax certificates
  • Legal and vesting document
  • more info....
How long does a title search take?



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